OSU seeks to centralize regulatory compliance

After a series of embarrassing scandals at the school, Ohio State University announced that it plans to create a unified, independent regulatory compliance department, according to OSU’s school newspaper The Lantern.

OSU is still paying for a major scandal in its football program

OSU is still paying for a major scandal in its football program

The shift in policy follows a thorough review of the school’s regulatory compliance structures. The review was spurred primarily by several violations of National Collegiate Athletics Association rules regarding player compensation by the school’s football program. The scandal led to the departure of both the school’s head coach and its starting quarterback.

Recommendations from the review included the creation of a

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head compliance officer with direct oversight of the three primary compliance departments: athletics, medical and research. This chief compliance officer would report directly to senior management at the university.

OSU hopes that the new approach could help standardize compliance practices and training, while maintaining a generally solid compliance regime.

“It’s moving us to a more-centralized structure with additional checks and balances and new best practices that will land us in a better place than where we currently are,” Robert H. Schottenstein, chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee, told The Columbus Dispatch.

Ultimately, the plan received unanimous approval from the Ohio State Board of Trustees.

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